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Adam Sohn Quotes

15 Adam Sohn quotes:

"But, to date, the Liberty Alliance has delivered no technology at all, ... It's just delivered a bunch of statements by Microsoft competitors that somehow some unannounced technology is better than proprietary technology, when in fact Passport is totally on path, announced in public to embrace an open industry standard that anybody can implement on."
Author: Sohn Quotes Category: Liberty Quotes
"We are very focused on securing and maintaining the servers on our network. From a security standpoint, there should be no difference between servers."
Author: Sohn Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"This action will not have any impact on the release date of Windows 98. We expect it to ship as scheduled on June 25."
Author: Sohn Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"We did comply with their request for data in regards to helping protect children in a way that ensured we also protected the privacy of our customers. We were able to share aggregated query data, not search results, that did not include any personally identifiable information at their request."
Author: Sohn Quotes Category: Children Quotes
"The goal is to work towards rapidly prototyping new products and services."
Author: Sohn Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"If someone comes up with a super-hot idea ... we'll have a bunch of researchers who can take those ideas, get them prototyped and see if there's a real, healthy business there."
Author: Sohn Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"Microsoft typically does not comment on specific government inquiries. That said, as you may have heard from the DOJ, they did contact us in this case. We take the privacy of our customers very seriously. We did comply with their request for data in this case in a way that ensured we also protected the privacy of our customers."
Author: Sohn Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"The government is clearly as adept a PR machine as there ever was one."
Author: Sohn Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"What we want to do [with .NET My Services] is provide a general-purpose platform that allows users and developers to easily build and deploy new Web services."
Author: Sohn Quotes Category: Purpose Quotes
"We investigated this report. He was able to exploit a known security flaw that we were able to patch. The patch had not yet applied to the server."
Author: Sohn Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"We simply thought that the technology was not ready and was in need of additional work toward better and more complete integration with the document object model and with HTML."
Author: Sohn Quotes Category: Technology Quotes
"Like when you go into business in any country, you do it in full compliance with the laws and regulations of that country. It's not something we think twice about."
Author: Sohn Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"This company doesn't put up with this kind of stuff -- intentionally or otherwise. There is nothing sinister or intentional going on here."
Author: Sohn Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"doesn't cause problems with the Windows experience."
Author: Sohn Quotes Category: Experience Quotes
"It's been floating around in one form or another. It is sort of an unfortunate consequence of the freedom the Internet offers."
Author: Sohn Quotes Category: Freedom Quotes

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