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21 Bronco Mendenhall quotes:

"We should get about 60 plays, and everyone will play. We want to make sure everyone gets some action."
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"Their quarterback last year was very mobile with a lot of bootleg and play action, and very difficult to keep in the pocket. This quarterback's mobility isn't the same, but [he has] experience. We're preparing for him as if he were a returning starter. I think he's capable of leading their team, within the scheme they use, at a very high level."
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"It's opened my eyes,"
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"Is there one vision, is there one focus, is there one execution standard? Absolutely,"
"We have plenty to improve on. We didn't do our part as it relates to execution and that ultimately was it today."
"[Mendenhall also acknowledged that TCU has better overall team speed.] The clear way to beat speed is with execution based on tendencies, ... I want our football team to play fast on Saturday. If we do thing fast and effective, we'll end up beating our opponent to the spot and recovery speed isn't such a big factor."
"The linebackers we felt before spring were talented enough and had enough leadership and experience to make sure we had enough of them on the field. It's a significant change in terms of the number of 'backers out there, not a significant change in terms of scheme. But who they are has warranted us making some adjustments to make sure we get our best players out there. There's tremendous competition, depth and talent at that position. That's why we're featuring those players in our defense this year."
"There's been some criticism for that game,"
"He's bringing consistency and he's bringing in simplicity and he's bringing in a mind-set of staying the course. You're not seeing an offense that's maybe as variable from week to week."
"Once you have a symbol that reflects greatness, it should not be changed, ... Consistency is key to a lasting tradition."
"We have an immediate need on special teams. As we evaluated our special teams, we determined it was important to find an experienced deep snapper. Matthew will help us fill that need."
"It's designed to show appreciation for what they have done for the program and to give them a chance to have nothing asked of them but to enjoy the day."
"I think we're progressing well. We're seeing the balls caught in front of the secondary and they have leverage. Now we need to work on finishing and tackling at a higher level."
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"I'm extremely excited about this class. The first word that comes to my mind is character."
"It was about our improvement,"
"We did not recruit potential. We recruited players that play hard right now."
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"There's no way to know what to expect. It's far greater than that, it's a tremendous responsibility. I'm amazed daily with what it requires, but I'm grateful and humbled with the opportunity."
"It was a gratifying victory. We executed to the highest level that we have all year. We still have a long way to go but we're making significant strides."
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"It was a mistake. I wouldn't do it again like that."
"They can come to practice and see if what we're telling them about the program is for real."

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