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22 Ram Kolluri quotes:

"If there's military action, it's going to have to be soon. The heat is oppressive come March, April, May in that part of the world. In the desert it can reach 120 degrees. So I have a feeling something will happen in February."
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"Oil prices are one foot forward, one foot back. We are dancing around $40 a barrel. At the moment the oil prices are forming an equilibrium around $40 a barrel."
"The stock market is on one side saying earnings and the economy are going to improve, while the bond market and the Fed and the recent economic data are on the other, saying:"
"You've got the warm and toasty economy, or the Goldilocks economy, still in place."
"In the spring, the worry was that the economy was slowing down. Now it's summer and we can see the economy is on track and earnings are looking good."
"The economy is growing reasonably well, but it is sending all kinds of mixed signals, ... The market doesn't like the two steps forward one step backward."
"You've got the warm and toasty economy, or the Goldilocks economy, still in place,"
"Some sectors like retail are bracing themselves for a slowdown in the economy in the second half. So you can see some of the weakness in retail stocks. But corporate earnings are looking good. They are afraid of the Fed and that is still in the minds of people. Once burned, twice shy."
"With technology stocks the watch-word is caution. What's happening now is that their valuations are reaching their earnings. Until we have those earnings catch up, any disappointments are creating huge volatility in the sector."
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"If we see improvements in earnings outlooks, some kind of resolution in the Middle East, and improvements in consumer confidence we'd see a significant rally. But, I don't know when that's going to happen."
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"The only big curve ball I see through the end of the year will be the somewhat lackluster Christmas sales that retailers are looking for. Unfortunately, the impact of higher heating bills on sales is going to be felt."
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"The earnings growth is a positive. The problem is that the ten-year note yield is currently standing at 4.85 percent and is pushing toward 5 percent and our friends at the Fed are not telling us when rate hikes are done."
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"The techs have been beaten up for the past few months because the so-called tech spending recovery has not met expectations,"
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"The techs have been beaten up for the past few months because the so-called tech spending recovery has not met expectations."
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"Their lives are a lot different from ours. We want to gain an understanding of their daily lives."
"The market is behaving as is we are going into a recession. Retail sales were off and so the market is worrying that the consumer is tapped out. IBM's earnings were off and so we're worried that the earnings will slow."
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"The street was expecting a strong confirmation from Wal-Mart saying, 'Yes, we had a terrific Thanksgiving sales,'"
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"They're saying they don't know if this is the time to take a risk. They have close to a trillion dollars in post-tax cash, and it's not doing any good for anybody."
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"The numbers have been good, and due to the strength of the global economic recovery, I contend that the second, third and fourth quarter earnings will be better than what people are currently expecting,"
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"The earnings have been good, and that's given the stock market some underlying support."
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