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"I do understand that density is a much more important factor than in the past, ... but Victorian terraces are built to exceedingly high densities, yet because of their high ceilings and clever design, they feel more spacious than modern homes."
Author: Robinson Quotes Category: Past Quotes
"It's a miracle we're not trying a homicide case,"
Author: Robinson Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"They don't support probable cause for any of the offenses that are alleged,"
Author: Robinson Quotes Category: Support Quotes
"So often space is wasted, or dead, in a house which the owners consider too small. First, you need to take away the name of the room, and then the space is liberated for a variety of new uses."
Author: Robinson Quotes Category: Space Quotes
"Customers are very tolerant about the Dec. 20 issues, due to the service levels they've come to expect. Everyone now knows about what was a 2.5-hour outage over a 4.5-hour time period. What happened was a rare database error, and it has been fixed. We're running as well as we've ever run."
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