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Larry Haverty Quotes

7 Larry Haverty quotes:

"History shows the poison pill under normal circumstances doesn't benefit shareholders. If the corporation wants a poison pill, it's the shareholders' prerogative to decide that. Not the board of directors."
"What you get with Disney is a low stock valuation on a company that I think will have forward earnings momentum and the strongest balance sheet the company has had in the last five years."
Author: Haverty Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"Things that needed to get done, the management has done."
Author: Haverty Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"The stock action here is telling you everything you need to say."
Author: Haverty Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"Within Time Warner right now, AOL is worth somewhere between $17 billion and $20 billion. But if the advertising business grows nicely over the next two to three years, it could be worth $25 billion to $30 billion."
"Management is not asleep at the switch. Anything you can do to move the needle in that direction is terrific for shareholders."
Author: Haverty Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"The timing to implement the plan is lengthy and the potential rewards are nothing different from what would be achieved by current management."
Author: Haverty Quotes Category: Potential Quotes

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