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14 Mark Pryor quotes:

"This is a new age in America. We must rise to the challenge, and working together, we will become a stronger nation."
"I oppose same-sex marriage, and I have struggled and prayed about the best course of action I can take, on behalf of Arkansans, to ensure the sanctity of marriage exists only between a man and woman."
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"What we know today is that children all over America have the right to learn-whether their ancestors came to America on slave ships or the Mayflower."
Author: Pryor Quotes Category: America Quotes
"In today's rapidly changing and volatile world, the United States must stay at least one step ahead of our enemies."
Author: Pryor Quotes Category: Enemies Quotes
"Students learn better in an environment where they feel safe, and I think our parents, teachers and schoolchildren would agree that our neighborhoods and schools are safer as a result of the COPS program, ... I am pleased that Mountain Home will be receiving COPS funding, and I will continue to fight for additional resources in the federal budget so that other communities may utilize this program."
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"Like it or not, the people of Arkansas sent me to Washington to represent them in this great body."
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"As we consider legislation, we must also be careful to ensure that any new regulatory regime reserves sufficient authority to ensure that competitive dynamics in communications markets are maintained,"
Author: Pryor Quotes Category: Authority Quotes
"As it currently stands, I don't see any extraordinary circumstances, ... extraordinary circumstances."
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"That’s a drop in the bucket compared to what the state government and the people of Arkansas have put into helping the victims of the hurricane."
Author: Pryor Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"We're trying to get to the bottom of that."
Author: Pryor Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"I don't know if his travel plans changed or we got mixed up with the schedule, ... Supposedly he's traveling. I don't know if its in-state or out of state."
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"I believe it is essential that we close the security gaps that put our nation at risk, and I will continue to fight for the funding that will secure high-risk targets, such as our ports and borders."
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"Words can not truly express how proud I am of these young women for all that they were able to do this year. The results really speak for themselves, and anyone that competed against these girls this past fall knows that. My only regret is that I will not be able watch these student-athletes continue to grow as players, as students, and as adults, but I know that they will be extremely successful in anything that they do."
Author: Pryor Quotes Category: Women Quotes
"It is very hard for people of my state ... to go to the gas pump and pay record-high prices and then open the business page (of newspapers) and see the oil companies making record-high profits."
Author: Pryor Quotes Category: People Quotes

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