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"I think the Fed meant to say something reassuring about the economy, but the result was very confusing."
"The earnings have been tremendous. We are going to see a shift back to 'new economy' stocks because they are less rate sensitive."
"Gold is at a high and the dollar weakened again. As a result, you would think stocks would be a lot lower today, with people putting money into those areas and taking money out of stocks, but they're not that bad. We're kind of just drifting. The Dow has its own company-specific problems, but the Nasdaq is hanging in there."
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"I think we'll bounce in this same range. I don't think the rest of the earnings will allow us to bust out of this range... I don't see where we would get the strength to push us beyond those highs."
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"Blair is trying to put people's perspective in the right place. Maybe they expected too much in the first week. He's saying that we are making progress and we are going to try and work with the U.N., and that reassures people."
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"The earnings among technology companies this year will be up something like 30 percent. And remember, that's compared to a strong 1999."
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"We're in good shape for now, but there's still going to be this anxiety, where people are looking over their shoulders, waiting to see what's coming next on the national level."
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"We have the consumer confidence report tomorrow. I don't see how that's going to be any good. I would consider it a victory if we get (a reading) of 82."
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"There's an internal conflict as Bush tries to satisfy two different constituencies. The public finds reassurance in government taking a harsher stance, but big business is a little conflicted in that it traditionally doesn't want government putting too many regulations on it."
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"Cyclical stocks should really not do well if the economy is going to slow, and you can see, look at the cyclical components of the Dow, a stock like International Paper, Du Pont, all at multi-year lows. I really don't see much there, I would avoid them."
"All these earnings look pretty good. But after the huge stock run last year and the expectation of the good earnings, I think you're seeing a bit of that old 'sell the news' reaction."
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"Intel's news will have an impact on tech tomorrow, but it's going to be overshadowed by the jobs report."
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"If we can go steady for the rest of August and September, we could set ourselves up for a nice rally in October."
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"This shows that investors are ready to take on more of a tolerance for risk."
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"Friday's Dow movement shows that the market is in an uptrend. That's encouraging. The market is trying to anticipate a recovery before the economy."
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"Some of the stocks that rallied in advance of a possible Bush victory might be vulnerable."
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"A slowdown in GDP could inject a note of caution in copper and the other metals. All of the metals are a down a little bit today."
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"The market will be very volatile and uncertain. The moves are random and there's no consistency in the markets."
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"We're projecting technology earnings are going to grow almost 40 percent this quarter and that's on top of a very, very strong 1999. Energy company earnings obviously will grow close to 80 percent, but that's on top of a weak '99. So there are companies that should have leadership. After all, if you look at the companies that issue profit warnings last week; Maytag, McDonald's, I mean I don't think the future of growth of American economy is washing machines or cheeseburgers."
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"Sometimes these things are put out for self-serving reasons. But these short sellers want to cut their losses."
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