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Javier Solana Quotes

47 Javier Solana quotes:

"Let's look 25 years ahead and imagine that we have said no to Turkey, that it has been a disaster for the Middle East and there are huge oil and energy crises,"
Author: Solana Quotes Category: Disaster Quotes
"The situation is not easy ... but I don't doubt that we will find a solution,"
Author: Solana Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes
"Elections are the only way civilized countries can express themselves."
Author: Solana Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"A new agreement will make it much easier for us to realize the full potential of our partnership and will be a strong signal of our mutual commitment to deepening our relationship."
Author: Solana Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"I have been working very hard with your leaders and they have been working very hard to reach an agreement, ... grand government coalition."
Author: Solana Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"will not tolerate a return to all-out fighting and a policy of repression in Kosovo."
"According to our information, and our information is good, many army and special police units remain in Kosovo, ... These units must be withdrawn immediately."

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