Paul Merrick Quotes

5 Paul Merrick quotes:

"The recent frothy price action could not be sustained and once the market has completed its current shakeout, we can expect a return to more measured progress in 2006."
Author: Merrick Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"With the yen having weakened by 10 percent since September, gold offers them both a currency hedge and a diversification away from equities and bonds."
Author: Merrick Quotes Category: Gold Quotes
"If the U.S. dollar happens to weaken then that would be good for gold probably, (although) gold has been dancing to its own tune recently so it doesn't necessarily follow."
Author: Merrick Quotes Category: Gold Quotes
"Silver Surges on exchange traded fund hopes. There is a serious risk that the silver price could ramp up by 25 per cent over the next couple of months, driven by supply concerns."
Author: Merrick Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"Its current stratospheric performance is a combination of three factors -- strong fundamentals, a rampant commodities sector, with most base and all precious metals at multi-year or all-time highs, and massive investor interest led by the Japanese."

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