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Jacqui Rivait Quotes

12 Jacqui Rivait quotes:

"While there are certain social graces or politeness which involve not hurting another's feelings ? if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all ? it is very confusing to children. The whole issue of honesty can be very frustrating for parents to teach."
Author: Rivait Quotes Category: Feelings Quotes
"Let's put our feet in their shoes and think about how embarrassed they must feel going to school without all of the comforts we are so lucky to have."
Author: Rivait Quotes Category: School Quotes
"Each result has action steps to back them up. The action steps are like a map. If you us them like a compass you will never get lost, and you will reach your destination."
Author: Rivait Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"I don't believe that children are born with empathy. It is something they learn by seeing it modeled by others."
Author: Rivait Quotes Category: Children Quotes
"One of the things I tell my own daughter and also the children I work with is something I learned long ago from my grandmother. Your word is your honor. If you make a commitment it is your responsibility to live up to your word. If you don't then this is a reflection on your character and ultimately on your honor as a person of integrity."
Author: Rivait Quotes Category: Children Quotes
"Food and clothing collections are great ways for children to learn responsibility. And it's even more beneficial if children can go to the facility where the goods are being donated."
Author: Rivait Quotes Category: Children Quotes
"Reaching out to help others is a great way for children to learn to become responsible. Younger children may not understand the concept of social responsibility, but they will understand the importance of collecting mittens for children who have nothing to keep their hands warm in the winter."
Author: Rivait Quotes Category: Children Quotes
"It is so simple. It is important that we teach our children the importance of having respect for themselves and other people. If they are not being respectful or if someone is being disrespectful to them, real learning cannot take place."
Author: Rivait Quotes Category: Children Quotes
"Students will use these tools long after they leave school. We are giving them a life skill."
Author: Rivait Quotes Category: Giving Quotes
"Don't blame a child for being dishonest unless you have determined that they really have not been telling the truth. Have any discussion involving dishonesty privately, not in front of the whole class or the whole family, especially siblings."
Author: Rivait Quotes Category: Truth Quotes
"The major reason children lie is to escape punishment. The chances are the more a parent or a teacher is harsh, aggressive, or punitive, the more motivated children are to make up a story to protect themselves from punishment."
Author: Rivait Quotes Category: Children Quotes
"That right there is a wonderful opportunity for the children. How often do students from all over the community get to interact and learn about one another?"
Author: Rivait Quotes Category: Children Quotes

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