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"It's wrong, and we are giving him a chance. If he doesn't stop, we'll take action."
Author: Anderson Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"Wages aren't keeping up with skyrocketing energy, housing, medical, and education costs. What's more, companies are laying off in one division while hiring?mostly contract workers?in others."
Author: Anderson Quotes Category: Education Quotes
"While the SEC is arguably the strongest conference in the country in general, it is not so this year. With all due respect to the SEC, this year it ranks fifth among the conferences, far behind the Big 12 and Pac-10."
"I'm concerned about his risk to others. He's a victim of the clerical culture that protected him for so many years."
Author: Anderson Quotes Category: Culture Quotes
"There have been a lot of video games based on Dungeons & Dragons, but in the past they have been almost entirely solo, single-player experiences. Now, with the Internet and advances in graphics, we can finally create an online version of that classic sitting-around-the-kitchen-table Dungeons & Dragons experience, without people having to actually go out."
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"Trying to find a one-size-fits-all formula is going to be hard, ... We need to find a better way than in the past, though."
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"There will be no talking about money because if she does that's all that's going to be talked about."
Author: Anderson Quotes Category: Money Quotes

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