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Kevin Rogers Quotes

6 Kevin Rogers quotes:

"I can dispel one of the false notions floating around - that this country does not require foreign sources of workers. We do. The fact is our economy cannot grow without them."
Author: Rogers Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"We're fortunate today that we have power. I wasn't too optimistic that action would be taken."
Author: Rogers Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"It affects us on a daily basis and it puts our budgets out of whack. It was impossible to see what was coming."
Author: Rogers Quotes Category: Budgets Quotes
"That was more of a business trip."
Author: Rogers Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"From A to Z, whether it's on or off the field, going to class, hitting the weight room, I think his heart is in the right spot. I really believe that. On the field and in the meeting room, I couldn't ask for anything more. He's done a good job mentally. He's been on top of things."
Author: Rogers Quotes Category: Class Quotes
"What he has done -- I mean, we haven't thrown the football 200 times -- but what he has done with the football is really unbelievable for a guy who hadn't played in more than a year. He's a cool customer, probably the coolest guy we've got out there."
Author: Rogers Quotes Category: Football Quotes

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