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"going to take the baton from us and take a very serious look at how these different sports regulate themselves and their athletes."
Author: Ryan Quotes Category: Sports Quotes
"Smoking increases the cost of health care... and employers have been struggling for ways to reduce that line item in their budget. Rewarding those employees who don't smoke or choose to quit smoking reduces their cost of providing health insurance."
Author: Ryan Quotes Category: Health Quotes
"This will result in an expansion of coverage across all income levels."
Author: Ryan Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"Any single thing we've been told by either the city or the zoning and planning commission has been a lie."
Author: Ryan Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"Mr. Simmons is being treated just like any other citizen. His action for which he admitted his guilt created a substantial risk to others, and with his subsequent action he continues to endanger the public."
Author: Ryan Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"This last year I've enjoyed her work ethics, leadership and desire to succeed and deal with anything I've thrown at her as a challenge."
Author: Ryan Quotes Category: Desire Quotes
"The dividend increase is likely to beat the rest of the UK insurance market. I can't see anyone else doing that (level of increase)."
Author: Ryan Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"Despite our efforts to generate revenue, obtain debt and equity funding, and sell or license selected assets at reasonable prices, our revenue and liquid assets are not sufficient to sustain our current operations."
Author: Ryan Quotes Category: Debt Quotes
"The agreement reached today gives us an opportunity to get the reform back on track by prioritizing the fundamentals, taking a hard look at what is and what is not working."
Author: Ryan Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"Technology spending by most companies is still weak, and the technology companies out there are feeling that,"
Author: Ryan Quotes Category: Technology Quotes
"One of the areas that I'm most concerned about is the fact that there remains an insufficient safety net for children with health care needs in this system. Two years after the Jackson children were identified as having starved over a 13-year period, it remains possible today that there are children in the child protection system whose imminent medical needs are not being addressed."
Author: Ryan Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"The story of these boys tells us that this system is broken and it has been broken for a long time, and it has to be aggressively and comprehensively overhauled,"
Author: Ryan Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"The cost of purchasing health insurance and providing health insurance and that's related to the increased cost of health care."
Author: Ryan Quotes Category: Health Quotes
"Hold me accountable in respect to how we spend that money."
Author: Ryan Quotes Category: Money Quotes
"There appears to be a tremendous void in the business in thinking beyond the constraints of directed search. The industry is focused on things like behavioral advertising and the impact of next generation ad models. It appears in that process we're leaving behind the cumulative information and the cumulative understandings that can be achieved by pulling the entire knowledge base together."
Author: Ryan Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"This is great. We've always thought a lot of this horse. We had a slight doubt about the ground, but he's handled it. He's super, he gave 110 per cent. He travelled good and picked up well. You have to give it (the 2000 Guineas) a go now. He won't run again this year and it will make the winter a bit shorter!"
Author: Ryan Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes
"The space previously filled by the family is being filled by schools, the media and the street."
Author: Ryan Quotes Category: Family Quotes
"In 20 years of law enforcement, I don't think there has been a higher impact case that I have seen or been involved in,"
Author: Ryan Quotes Category: Law Quotes

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