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Kristen DeTienne Quotes

4 Kristen DeTienne quotes:

"One of the reasons I'm interested in service recovery is because years ago I was working for the customer service line of a newspaper. When people missed their newspapers, I was the person they called. I understood the situation the same, whether they cursed at me or used a friendly tone of voice. I think it's important to be very clear about what the problem was, the inconvenience it caused you, what you are expecting them to do to recover -- but be kind in your behavior as well."
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"Often companies are not aware of additional inconveniences caused by their service failures. They know the new TV you bought from them broke but don't know you had all of your friends over to watch the game when the picture went out."
Author: DeTienne Quotes Category: Service Quotes
"Bad service is something everyone can relate to -- we've all had an experience with an obnoxious employee or had to call to correct an error on a bill. What we often can't relate to is the great way a company recovers from a service failure and wins our future business."
"The organization later faced a class action lawsuit, and I got a rebate check as part of the settlement. Customer service problems can be very expensive for companies, and a lot of times they don't think about the long-term costs and the loss-of-loyalty issues they create."
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