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"[Some analysts said that knowing earnings were dismal, GM had to take some sort of action.] Things like today are great — it's better than not being able to announce anything, ... But I certainly don't think it's anywhere near the scope or the magnitude of what this company needs."
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"There is still a lot of work to do beyond the Ford agreement. The scale of restructuring in the industry is just enormous. It is going to take time, take some aggressive actions, and it is going to be expensive."
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"The deal is a move in the right direction, but no one thinks this is the end to their problems. The laundry list of the things that GM needs to do to fix itself is about a dozen items long, and this deal was a small item on that list."
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"All of a sudden we are paying $3 at the pump and SUVs are falling out of fashion. Delphi feels that pinch just as much as General Motors."
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"The last couple of days illustrate that there is a lot of work to do at this company and it's debatable whether it's actually doable outside bankruptcy court, ... I don't think it is."
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"This is not a company you would buy for its fundamental attributes or its operational strengths."
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"GM's new products are just not getting the job done and the company is losing market share, ... It's really a combination of three things going on. There's lower sales mixed with falling prices and higher input costs."
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"GM today is in worse shape than Nissan was when Carlos took over. It's just a much bigger company with a much bigger problem in a much worse situation."
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"The move to value pricing offered (price) declines that just weren't great enough to attract buyers,"
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"Under the value pricing system, on average, the sticker prices are down a couple hundred bucks. To be effective, value pricing has to be four times that, and incentives required to sell vehicles must be removed."
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"Is this another blow to management? I would say yes. But you can't say management was on very steady ground in the eyes of investors."
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"This is a little bit of relief of one of (Ford's) many problems."
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