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"He's been playing football his whole life, and he knows how to play the game,"
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"The breaks started going our way at that point. We had some balls that went off of horses and other things went in our favor."
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"The scariest part (of these past few weeks) is that usually you can rely on there being a hit every week of the summer or at least every week in July. The biggest concern in the industry is two out of four weeks in our best month, there were no major openings. Clearly 'Stealth' did share a lot of the same problems that 'The Island' did. It just seemed that both were typical summer action fare that did not seem to resonate at all."
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"It's a lesson learned on judging talent. It's not how big you are, it's not how strong or fast you are, but it's character and will and drive and the size of a person's heart. Those things you can't measure."
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"I'm just coming in to do whatever Coach wants me to do. I'm here to support my teammates. Playing 13 years in the league, I have a lot of knowledge of the game, and I can't take it with me so I'm here to help ... and be ready to play when my time comes."
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"Summer is when audiences expect us to deliver excitement. Some movies just didn't fulfill that promise."
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"This is about getting 'All the King's Men' right; it's not about the rest of the slate. We will slot it where it can have its due. It will be a high-profile spot for a high-profile movie."
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"We've got a trailer for 'S.W.A.T.' (the Samuel L. Jackson/Colin Farrell action adventure) attached to 'Bad Boys' that played great this weekend, ... So we're certainly looking forward to its opening Aug. 8. Hopefully, everybody who's seeing 'Bad Boys' (is also) getting excited about 'S.W.A.T.'"
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"I'm glad that the organization gave me this opportunity because they could have brought somebody else in, ... They could have brought a number of guys in that are out there, but they decided to bring me in. I just appreciate the opportunity."
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"If he doesn't get hurt, he's going to play all season. He stands in there and delivers the ball. He makes his reads. He throws the ball hot when he's supposed to throw the ball hot. He sees the blitz, and he takes it head-on. He can play, and he's only going to get better."
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"You really think about starting over from scratch, pretending the game hadn't started, and it worked for me."
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"Today we used all of our players and we cut down on our mistakes. (Patron) Scott (Devon) is a big part of our team, and we didn't use him right Sunday. Today we got him more involved offensively, and he was a big help for us."
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"That was the message that was heard loud and clear by Hollywood. Why not get everyone if you can? There's great value in having a picture that can appeal to everyone."
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