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"For the bond market, it's clearly not bullish, ... At a time where growth is strong, the labor market is still tight, and price pressures are building, the last thing you need is a surge in energy prices that will push inflation up across the board."
Author: Ryan Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"We feel our hospital is the employer of choice in Beaufort County, even in the entire region. Still, in this environment, you've got to do anything you can to properly and effectively recruit. It takes skill."
Author: Ryan Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"So many champions and good horses have come from this program; it's proven ground. These horses are on the come; they have so much upside to them."
Author: Ryan Quotes Category: Horses Quotes
"It is good and reassuring that the system in Turkey is able to detect cases consistent with the disease, but it is premature to say these are human cases of avian flu."
Author: Ryan Quotes Category: Disease Quotes
"Investors are clearly expressing renewed confidence in the economy and financial markets while keeping a watchful eye on domestic pocketbook issues."
Author: Ryan Quotes Category: Confidence Quotes
"The equity market is clearly more vulnerable to the Fed not taking any action."
Author: Ryan Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"If the Congress decides that the priority for this engine is higher than the DoD has proposed, then I'm sure the Congress will be able to soundly and thoughtfully restore the program in a way that will be the least damaging to everything else."
Author: Ryan Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"Shutting down a design team like that will mean that dozens of people, if not hundreds of people, will either be sent away or they will be distributed to other programs."
Author: Ryan Quotes Category: Design Quotes
"Public health must overcome all obstacles in the trade and licensing area,"
Author: Ryan Quotes Category: Health Quotes

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