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11 David Wolfe quotes:

"White is going to be pushed so hard in the fashion media I think it's going to be a winner."
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"I will keep doing what I'm doing, no matter where I'm at. I'm truly excited about where fashion is finally headed."
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"When the history of 20th century fashion is written, he is going to be one of the stars. He almost single-handedly put Milan on the fashion map. He expressed a new kind of masculinity with less structured men's wear - historically, his men's wear is more significant than his women's wear."
Author: Wolfe Quotes Category: Fashion Quotes
"If my motion for a 14-year continuance was inappropriate, then certainly the sheriff's action is just as inappropriate. I don't know what possible motivation the sheriff had for his actions."
Author: Wolfe Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"They say that, given the improvements in Charlotte's situation and given her continuing improvement, the doctors should not have in their back pockets an open consent from the court to let Charlotte die regardless of the circumstances at the time and regardless of the views of her parents."
"I'm good at my job for a midwestern American. Maybe it's because people in fashion often mistake common sense for genius. I mean, some model walks down the runway in an impossible outfit, and I state the obvious no one is going to wear that and people are like, you're brilliant!"
"They aren't old because their customers aren't old. The problem with Blass was that the ladies he dressed started dying of old age. Ladies today go to the gym, they go to the surgeon, they look better than ever. Dying is not an option."
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"What he did for Chanel made fashion history and changed the direction of status brands. And his H&M deal was an extraordinary thing to do. He's the bravest of them all - he takes chances and they all seem to pay off."
Author: Wolfe Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"The brand redesigned, reinvented and repositioned itself to appeal to a younger, more fashion-aware though far from cutting-edge customer."
Author: Wolfe Quotes Category: Fashion Quotes
"If the lilacs bloomed earlier, it could mean we had a milder winter, so look out for potential insect outbreaks."
Author: Wolfe Quotes Category: Potential Quotes
"They've raised their risk hurdle in the short term, ... They're owning more assets when the industry is under siege. But if they didn't make a move they'd be in trouble."
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