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John Simpson Quotes

7 John Simpson quotes:

"It smacks of selling access and influence to well-heeled donors."
Author: Simpson Quotes Category: Influence Quotes
"My job is the perfect excuse for watching action films, soaps, quiz programmes -- where the language is busy right now."
Author: Simpson Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"The study shatters the perception that culture is no longer an issue once people gain wealth."
Author: Simpson Quotes Category: Culture Quotes
"We will have a plan as to what we will do differently. We're changing the culture of school,"
Author: Simpson Quotes Category: Culture Quotes
"It's a really lovely feeling and we're both absolutely delighted. Dee is sitting up in bed and is feeling fine."
Author: Simpson Quotes Category: Bed Quotes
"It's taken off in a space of 10 or 15 years."
Author: Simpson Quotes Category: Space Quotes
"I'm gonna go dancing anyway. I would have gone to the counter-prom if there was one, but now we need to just deal with it."

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