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"We're in a bouncing environment and as soon as you get any kind of bounce they're selling into the bounce, and that's what we're seeing here."
"We've seen pockets of strength in the Canadian markets, so the Canadian market actually acted a lot better than the U.S. market did as a whole."
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"We're seeing relative strength in (metals and minerals). There are a lot of base commodities prices that are trading at higher levels right now. The fact that the (Canadian) dollar is as low as it is has made our metals sector more competitive than they would at higher levels."
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"If the market gets some more confirmation of the slowing of the economy on Friday, then I suspect the market's got more to push on the upside."
"Obviously some serious damage has been done to the market. We've gone through some important support levels, certainly with a number of the popular averages."
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"Nortel is benefiting from a general recovery in the technology stocks in the U.S. as well,"
"In a U.S. election year, they err on the side of doing less rather than more."
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"out from underneath Ma Bell's skirt, able to continue to expand and pursue their growth strategy without having a big mother looking over."
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"We've got favorable action from the Federal Reserve Board again, indicative that they are going to continue to aggressively ease. So that's a favorable environment for stocks,"
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"There's a potential end in sight but as Yogi Berra said 'it ain't over till it's over,' so there's still uncertainty out there. When the market believes it's over, then we're going to get, if nothing else, one heck of a short-term rally."
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"Nortel is benefiting from a general recovery in the technology stocks in the U.S. as well."

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