Kwame Kilpatrick Quotes

13 Kwame Kilpatrick quotes:

"city has a plan, we're focused and ready to put it in action."
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"I underestimated the dilapidated, horrific conditions our city was in. ... My biggest failure was not communicating. We have a long way to go, but we've come a mighty long way."
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"Jerome is a shining example of what a kid with a dream from Detroit can accomplish with hard work and determination. He has carried his Detroit pride at every level of his career, always looking to give back to the city that gave him so much."
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"We made this city better, ... Even in the midst of the worst economy we've seen in 25 years. ... We've continued to move forward."
"We're serious about our mission for the kids of this city, ... this is just the beginning."
"(Former Mayor) Coleman Young said in 1975 that the key to Detroit's future is jobs. In 2005 the key to Detroit's future is still jobs, ... The thing that keeps me up at night is, how do we partner today's kids with tomorrow's jobs?"
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"Everybody knew where her house was. Everybody would walk past and point her out, ... She was an amazing individual."
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"It was a new-school candidate, but it was an old-school campaign, ... We didn't have more money, we had people power."
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"take your souls to the polls and vote. That's the tribute we owe Mother Parks."
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"I've been stereotyped my whole life, ... ... It's actually not driven by Detroiters only. It's driven by the media. It's driven by the entire region. The 'us against them,' the 'black and white thing' is getting old."
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"Yes, I've made a few mistakes. There's no question about it, ... I am not a perfect man, and there is not a saint running for this office."
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"And it overshadowed the fact that I have a law degree, that I was leader of the House, that I've written policy, that I'm great at appropriations and grant programs, that I'm able to do things like put together the best emergency operations plan in the country."
Author: Kilpatrick Quotes Category: Law Quotes
"People got an opportunity to see the lack of depth that he has on any operational or fiscal issue, and that's what I wanted people to see,"

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