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"The Spawn comic book character doesn't fit in the same action figure formula as Barney or Disney, ... I didn't get a sense that the other toy companies really understood what 'Spawn' was, so I decided to just make my own."
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"[Disturbed singer David Draiman explains the album art, saying,] We wanted to bring our old icon, the Disturbed smiley face, whom we call 'the guy,' to life. I came up with a concept that embodied what the record was about, the 'guy' leading an army of people from all walks of life and all colors of skin, with their fists raised in unison, as a symbol of unity, strength and defiance with an azure sky in the background. Being a fan of the Spawn comic book series and the artwork that Todd and his company have done in the past, we could think of no better team to bring this idea to life. We are incredibly pleased with the piece, and think it is the most striking and certainly our favorite of the three covers. ... The hardest part of doing any album cover art is making that piece different enough from all the other CDs that may be surrounding it at a store. I believe that Greg Capullo and I have delivered an image that will be evocative and inspiring. Much like the music that Disturbed has unleashed upon us."
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"Once the character was established, I felt that I had to build a strong foundation for the Spawn brand name, ... To build a strong foundation you need four pillars. In the comic book industry, those pillars are television, video games, movies and toys or ancillary products. If you have a good foundation and pillars, you'd be surprised what you can build. You could even build skyscrapers"

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