Buffalo Bill Quotes

35 Buffalo Bill quotes:

"Quick as lightning Wild Bill pulled his revolver. The stranger fell dead, shot through the brain."
"The Indians had now become so bad and had stolen so much stock that it was decided to stop the pony express for at least six weeks."
"After crossing the Smoky Hill River, I felt comparatively safe as this was the last stream I had to cross."
"As a good horse is not very apt to jump over a bank, if left to guide himself, I let mine pick his own way."
"General Custer was a close observer and student of personal character."
"Having secured my Indian actors, I started for Baltimore, where I organized my combination, and which was the largest troupe I had yet had on the road."
"I began to think my time had come, as the saying is."
"I felt only as a man can feel who is roaming over the prairies of the far West, well armed, and mounted on a fleet and gallant steed."
"I found Spotted Tail's lodge. He invited me to enter."
"I had many enemies among the Sioux; I would be running considerable risk in meeting them."
"I had the best buffalo horse that ever made a track."
"I thought I was benefiting the Indians as well as the government, by taking them all over the United States, and giving them a correct idea of the customs, life, etc., of the pale faces, so that when they returned to their people they could make known all they had seen."
"Indians were frequently off their reservations."
"Major North and myself went out in advance of the command several miles and killed a number of buffaloes."
"Major North has had for years complete power over these Indians and can do more with them than any man living."
"My debut upon the world's stage occurred on February 26, 1845, in the State of Iowa."
"My first plan of escape having failed, I now determined upon another."
"My restless, roaming spirit would not allow me to remain at home very long."
"My wife was delighted with the home I had given her amid the prairies of the far west."
"On reaching the place where the Indians had surprised us, we found the bodies of the three men whom they had killed and scalped, and literally cut into pieces."

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