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"He's got a very real-world agenda: the environment."
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"You realize Clark is going to grow up to be Superman and will be the head of the Justice League and will be interfacing with all these different superheroes, all of whom became superheroes for different reasons and don't always have the same [motivations], even though they're all fighting for the good guys,"
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"He'll have a hand in turning Clark against Lex. He's going to have a romance with Lois and he teaches Clark more about the global responsibilities of having superpowers."
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"My god, he looks like an action figure!"
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"You'll see the Fortress of Solitude. ... What's in that spaceship is also going to be very interesting. It will propel the show in a new direction. You're going to see Lex [Michael Rosenbaum] and Clark much more at odds this year. You'll see Lana and Clark together. And I think you'll see Chloe and Clark become much better friends. She'll reveal that she knows the secret pretty early on, so that's sort of a bond for their friendship. And it's interesting, because your best friend knows the secret. Your girlfriend doesn't. And then there will be some interesting things going on with the parents, too. Lionel [John Glover] is up to no good, as usual."
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