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"The Players Association has on the table a demand which doesn't recognize the reality of our league's economics today. It's a very excessive and unrealistic demand."
"I've been there on many occasions with my wife and it's always one of the highlights of the football season to visit the tremendous fans in Kansas City - both before and after the game."
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"There are a heck of a lot of other businesses still in the process of trying to reach conclusions on many of the same subjects that [Benson] has reached conclusions on, including availability of housing for employees and availability of services for their families, so I don't accept the idea it was very long. To me it was a tight timeline."
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"We had good support from the Players Association recognizing that it develops players. I think NFL Europe is an important piece of our international development. They had a very successful year this year and last year."
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"to support the national recovery program."
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"I'm not big into images. I'm into reality."
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"These field improvements in Cincinnati and Covington are tangible signs of our Youth Football Fund in action."
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"It has been uppermost in our minds that we need to do with the search what the Diversity Committee has been urging the clubs to do with coaches and in the front office executives. The specifics have yet to be determined how that goal will be accomplished."
"Playing at LSU helps serve the goal of giving priority in this region to the rebuilding and recovery efforts."
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"I think the preponderant opinion clearly was that St. Louis could be a great football city if it had a team of its own that they could really root for,"
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"This new requirement is not a result of any specific threat information. It is in recognition of the significant additional security that pat-downs offer, as well as the favorable experience that our clubs and fans have had using pat-downs as part of the comprehensive stadium security plan."
"We're not making the kind of progress we need to be making. I don't think negotiations are going very well."
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"Under normal legal ground rules, it would probably be the case that if the court decided the case on the merits and ruled in our favor, then they would not be entitled to be in the draft."
"We want teams to get additional money to re-sign players, rather than cutting them."
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"The competition committee did a terrific job and that showed with the endorsements that they had on their recommendations."
"That's a really tough competitive environment to live with and the Rams have been one of those teams that have had repeat success under that system."
"There are a lot of complications here and I think everyone is working in good faith to get them resolved."
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"The Super Bowl now takes on a magnitude that almost defies the imagination."
"We have had this commission for a couple of years now on cardiovascular health,"
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"George Young (former Giants general manager) always that when he was a member of the competition committee that one thing replay does is multiply the chances to make errors."

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