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23 Trent Lott quotes:

"Unfortunately, the Senate is becoming a black hole of inactivity, ... Let's stop that. The people want action."
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"Sometimes inaction is better than wrong action, so if I can't see a way to come to a reasonable agreement, then the alternative would be to try to find a way to leave that money in place and let the debt be retired,"
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"[Despite his expressed doubts, Lott said he thinks it is important Congress offer its support for U.S. military action should the president think such action is necessary.] Do I have doubts?, ... Yes, but do we have responsibilities? Yes."
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"This is legislation that is good for America, that's good for our working people in America, ... It will take a lot of vigilance to see that it is complied with, but it is the right thing to do."
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"The vote will not occur in any event before some time during the day tomorrow, ... We don't have an agreement at this point to do anything but to go forward with the vote, but we're exploring all kinds of possibilities and that's where we stand."
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"would help with the revenue that we would have available to the government to spend for our top priorities --- education and defense."
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"Remember, there's not a constitutional crisis here, ... The presidency will be there. The government will be there and be strong after this is over. This is a Clinton crisis. The system is working. There is a process that will work."
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"There are a lot of mixed feelings about it, ... Is there less certainty about its need now to help the economy? Yes, there is."
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"I have full faith that our negotiators will craft a measure that will lead us on a track towards turning the economy around."
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"I urge my colleagues to review it ... I believe this is something that could be bipartisan,"
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"We believe our choice is clear, ... The first priority of your representatives in Washington must be to fight for the interests of the American family."
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"Because the administration has indicated it will not support any funding for Amtrak this fiscal year unless Congress enacts Amtrak reforms, it is imperative for the Congress to make its voice heard on Amtrak,"
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"The Senate is never easy, ... But when you get a new administration and a new Congress, it gives you sort of an opportunity to take a little time out and see what we can do together."
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"I'm absolutely satisfied ... that there will be time for a debate."
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"David Gunn has worked very hard to reform Amtrak and has done an excellent job under very difficult circumstances and without sufficient support or funding. Today's action is a step backward,"
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"Under the present circumstances, it could be tough to work together, ... especially if the president's congressional allies circle the wagons and try to shut things down."
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"satisfied if we just stopped, sort of in the middle of the game, and said we don't want to hear anything else."
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"John Ashcroft is going to be a very thoughtful, very conscientious attorney general of high integrity. He's going to surround himself with men and women of a variety of backgrounds and races to run that Justice Department in an appropriate way, enforcing the laws on the books,"
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"He'd always had a habit of bartering his crucial vote on legislation for his own pet projects,"
Author: Lott Quotes Category: Habit Quotes
"[And Sen. Jim Jeffords of Vermont was a] loose cannon, ... He's always had a habit of bartering his vote on crucial legislation for his own pet projects."

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