Trent Lott Quotes

23 Trent Lott quotes:

"This much has become clear: although most senators agreed that the president lied under oath while trying to obstruct justice, he will stay in office, ... But we must move forward on the people's business. We must do our job."
Author: Lott Quotes Category: Justice Quotes
"I do think we, the president, all of us need to do a better job, do more, ... why we have made this commitment, what is being done now, what we do expect in the process and, yes, why it's going to take more time."
Author: Lott Quotes Category: Job Quotes
"If he doesn't solve a couple of problems that we've got right now he ain't going to be able to hold the job, because what I'm going to do to him ain't going to be pretty,"
Author: Lott Quotes Category: Job Quotes

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