Giuseppe Pisanu Quotes

5 Giuseppe Pisanu quotes:

"I will continue to prioritize action to monitor the length and breadth of the country, without ever underestimating reasonably reliable reports of specific threats,"
Author: Pisanu Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"There is no doubt that, to achieve maximum efficiency, we need the support of the best technological applications,"
Author: Pisanu Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes
"We are considering the highest possible risk of an attack, ... and we are preparing ourselves for the worse possible threat."
Author: Pisanu Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"The police chief has very clear instructions about that. I wish however that tomorrow's derby is tranquil."
Author: Pisanu Quotes Category: Police Quotes
"Law enforcement forces are winning the game against the Camorra, ... We can't say yet that we have completely dismantled it, but certainly we have weakened it significantly."
Author: Pisanu Quotes Category: Law Quotes

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