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"To do nothing, to give Saddam Hussein time without end, as he wishes, would be easier than taking action, certainly."
Author: Hoon Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"We've made it clear that this is not the start of a major conflict, but certainly our forces are ready, they are prepared and they will take on the tasks that assigned to them,"
Author: Hoon Quotes Category: Conflict Quotes
"but if conflict remains the only way to disarm Saddam Hussein, we are ready."
Author: Hoon Quotes Category: Conflict Quotes
"There is excellent cooperation between our two countries in that respect. It's something that obviously we want to build on,"
Author: Hoon Quotes Category: Cooperation Quotes
"We had a very full exchange about relevant issues including the importance ... of controlling infiltration across the line of control that remains a matter of great concern to the United Kingdom and something we strongly emphasized to the government of Pakistan,"
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"We have made clear all along that this bill is for discussion and debate,"
Author: Hoon Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"That kind of campaign has fortunately passed into history as technology has moved on."
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"It is with great regret that I can confirm that nine Royal Air Force personnel and one soldier are missing believed killed,"
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"The British government believes we must be resolved to disarming Saddam Hussein. It must be done before the terror weapons he possesses can be used by Saddam himself or by others with his blessing. We must steel ourselves to the consequences of that resolve and send a clear message to Saddam Hussein: You cannot win. You can only comply and disarm or be defeated. The choice is entirely yours."
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"We could be condemned on a massive scale for taking an abdication of responsibility,"
"to do so would risk the operational security of the mission and potentially the safety of our forces."
Author: Hoon Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"He is doing a tremendous job in very difficult conditions and he deserves and gets our complete support,"
Author: Hoon Quotes Category: Support Quotes
"This is simply a warning shot, if you like, across the bows of the Iraqi leadership."
"Obviously we have seen some excellent work by our police and security services, but that work must continue,"
Author: Hoon Quotes Category: Police Quotes
"[Calling British troop morale] very, very high, ... about 45,000 servicemen and women representing a wide range of capabilities."
Author: Hoon Quotes Category: Women Quotes
"According to the reports we have gathered, mostly from the refugees, it appears that around 10,000 people have been killed in more than 100 massacres. The final toll may be much worse,"
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