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8 Susanna Montezemolo quotes:

"In this information age, where practically every day we hear about companies that put Americans at risk for identity theft and fraud because of lax security practices, we desperately need these new tools to protect our personal information."
"Despite the food industry's rhetoric, this bill is a sweeping rollback of decades of state action to protect consumers. It would reduce food safety protections to the lowest common denominator and make states jump through expensive bureaucratic hoops to enact future food safety protections."
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"Imagine if the 50 million people put at risk this year let Congress know they want better safeguards."
"This settlement serves as a wake-up call for Congress to ensure that all businesses that buy and sell our most personal information are held accountable, and that they protect vulnerable consumers from having their sensitive information stolen."
"Many states are starting to deal with the problem. A national solution is great if done the right way, but it could actually set us back."
"I am extremely concerned when I hear about data breaches involving Social Security numbers."
"All the data security scandals this year have underscored how important it is for consumers to monitor their credit reports regularly to detect possible identity theft,"
"Luckily from our perspective, this is just a first step. There really is an opportunity for people to get involved in this issue."

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