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9 George Speight quotes:

"When you take up an action of this kind, you do it with conviction."
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"We have a unified resolve, the army and ourselves to pursue solutions which we believe are in the best interest of our Fijian people."
"We are looking for a solution that's good for our country, but more particularly that's good for our Fijian people."
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"We are trying to do it this week. Once we have come to an agreement on everything, obviously the hostages can go home."
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"I believe in my heart of hearts that we're very close to a resolution. If not 24, certainly 48 hours."
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"I firmly believe in my heart that Fiji can only be a peaceful place and a happy place and a prosperous place if the interests of Fijians are made central and paramount to our decision-making, and if they are completely fulfilled."
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"They have always doubted the degree of support I have around Fiji ... what will take place over the next few days is that the support will be made very very loud and clear to the army, and I am of the very firm belief that they will come around."
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"It is clear to us ... that an interim government can only be Fijian as we develop a new constitution, which is designed primarily to make sure the rights of the indigenous peoples of Fiji, who own this country, are protected once and for all."
"We don't want Fijians fighting Fijians -- our common enemy is the Indians."

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