Sergei Kupriyanov Quotes

11 Sergei Kupriyanov quotes:

"Our action will be tough and resolute if Ukraine siphoned off gas from the transit pipeline without permission."
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"The rest we can sell to North America and China."
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"The agreement with Moldova for 2006 has not been signed yet."
"We were ready to come to an agreement with the Ukrainian people... Our offer was rejected."
"We believe agreement will be reached when contracts to last throughout 2006 have been signed."
"There is a danger that after having proposed to freeze the price for the first 10 days of January, the Ukrainian side will then want to freeze it for another 10 days."
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"We don't plan to put up with the fact that gas destined for European customers is being used in Ukraine. We understand it's cold, but Ukraine isn't the only place where it's cold. No one gave Ukraine the right to take more gas than contracted."
"Ukraine rejected the option, which shows that the Ukrainian authorities had planned a conflict in advance, i.e. planned to tap, or simply steal, gas intended for European consumers."
"Moreover, Ukraine will be stealing gas from the European Union, which it is so eager to join. All responsibility for shortage of Russian gas supplies to European customers will lie completely with the Ukrainian side."
"We just want European countries to understand that we have other alternatives in terms of gas sales. If the European Union wants our gas, it has to consider our interests as well."
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"The conditions we are proposing for next year are in full accordance with work principles we apply while dealing with our European partners, both in eastern and western Europe."

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