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Tim Heekin Quotes

6 Tim Heekin quotes:

"Action is being driven by the news of the day, namely Microsoft, Nortel, Qwest, ... The fact that we're hanging in there with so much negative news out there is good."
Author: Heekin Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"This movement in the bond market is amazing, truly unprecedented. People are starting to sell fixed-income and put that money into stocks. Equity is starting to look like this undervalued dark horse worth betting on."
Author: Heekin Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"If companies are not giving optimistic guidance, that's causing some ripples and some concerns in the market."
Author: Heekin Quotes Category: Giving Quotes
"Technology is taking its cue from Apple."
Author: Heekin Quotes Category: Technology Quotes
"People will be looking for hints about the direction of the earnings throughout the week, ... both in terms of individual stocks and sectors."
Author: Heekin Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"All the big news is out of the way, the Fed, the elections, all the big companies have reported. So we've got nothing new except this piece of bad news from Cisco."
Author: Heekin Quotes Category: Elections Quotes

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