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"We changed a little bit. When we go to our play-action (passes), Jay is rolling out and Drew is setting up. Drew is more of a straight drop back passer, which allows to run some flood routes."
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"Yes, we've had people join because of the music programming, but long term I don't know if a music program would keep people in a church if that's the only reason they were there."
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"We have to get rid of mental mistakes. We've had four touchdowns called back by penalties and that can't happen. The biggest thing is we need to get into some kind of regular routine. The way things have been going has been anything but routine."
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"The defensive philosophy changes [with a big lead]. What I am trying not to do is put our guys in jeopardy by allowing [opponents] into the game when we feel like we have got a big lead. But the fact of the matter is that we still have to play the game. We still have to continue to make plays. And I think that is what they have been doing. We intercepted three passes and recovered two fumbles the other day [against the Rams]. We are still getting the ball turned over."
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