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Kong Quan Quotes

31 Kong Quan quotes:

"We are shocked by, and express our strong indignation over, the Japanese foreign minister's remark of overtly glorifying invasion history."
Author: Quan Quotes Category: History Quotes
"The Chinese side does not advocate using this kind of language in international relations."
Author: Quan Quotes Category: Language Quotes
"The safety of diplomatic missions should be guaranteed in accordance with international law."
Author: Quan Quotes Category: Law Quotes
"Although Japanese leaders had made promise on the issue, Koizumi's visit betrayed his words to the people of China and the other parts of Asia as well as people around the world who love peace."
"Although Japanese leaders had made promise on the issue, Koizumi's visit betrayed his words to the people of China and the other parts of Asia as well as people around the world who love peace,"
"Though facing with some problems, bilateral relations are heading forward in an unprecedented width and depth."
Author: Quan Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"In recent years, under the joint efforts of both sides, Sino-India relations have made remarkable progress."
Author: Quan Quotes Category: Progress Quotes
"This is a very important visit. It will have a major impact on the development of future ties."
Author: Quan Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"We are an important force that promotes the peace and stability of the Asia-Pacific region and the world. We have not, do not and will not pose a threat."
Author: Quan Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"We hope the US congressmen would gain a comprehensive impression of Hong Kong's status quo."
Author: Quan Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"It's normal to have some frictions in the course of developing Sino-U.S. relations, ... We hope both sides will face these problems with an objective and calm attitude to help realize a more stable and healthy basis for further development."
Author: Quan Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"The Chinese side believes resolving the issue through peaceful diplomatic means is the best choice, benefiting all parties."
Author: Quan Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"On energy security, oil, I believe the two sides will discuss beneficial cooperation."
Author: Quan Quotes Category: Cooperation Quotes
"The nature of the proposals is that the Taiwan authority is trying to air 'two Chinas' or 'one China, one Taiwan' and 'Taiwan Independence' in the international community,"
Author: Quan Quotes Category: Authority Quotes
"We believe the visit is key to enhancing mutual understanding and trust."
Author: Quan Quotes Category: Trust Quotes
"The bid violates the principle of the UN Charter, is unlikely to find any support, and is doomed to fail."
Author: Quan Quotes Category: Support Quotes
"At present I have no information to give to you on this."
Author: Quan Quotes Category: Information Quotes
"Although the Japanese leaders made a promise on the issue, Koizumi's visit broke his promise to the Chinese people as well as to the peace-loving people around the world,"
"Both countries and their leaders have kept open communications through various channels and intend to maintain such crucial dialogues."
"This is a serious violation of the purpose and principles of the U.N. Charter, an infringement of China's sovereignty and territorial integrity and an interference in China's internal affairs,"
Author: Quan Quotes Category: Principles Quotes

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