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11 Elaine Chao quotes:

"There are more class-action complaints against companies over overtime pay than there are about harassment,"
Author: Chao Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"Both surveys portend much greater job creation in the future,"
Author: Chao Quotes Category: Creation Quotes
"It will level the playing field, ... It will give American workers choice, confidence and also control."
Author: Chao Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"We do not support an automatic pathway to citizenship,"
Author: Chao Quotes Category: Citizenship Quotes
"Those who come forward will not be offered an automatic pass to citizenship and should be expected to pay a substantial fine or penalty to participate in the temporary program."
Author: Chao Quotes Category: Citizenship Quotes
"We feel a pathway to citizenship would reward illegal activity, ... Amnesty encourages further illegal immigration."
Author: Chao Quotes Category: Citizenship Quotes
"Our intention is to clarify and modernize overtime pay rules,"
Author: Chao Quotes Category: Intention Quotes
"Workers in these temporary jobs will be involved in the provision of food, shelter and other services to fellow Mississippians,"
Author: Chao Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"Today, men and women in uniform ... work so hard on our behalf to protect our freedom (and) our liberty. As they give their best for us, we want to be there for them, ... The good news for returning veterans is that the demand for skilled talent is very strong."
Author: Chao Quotes Category: Freedom Quotes
"This is a major victory for the workers, who will now get paid what they are entitled to and be compensated for health and safety precautions at their plants, ... I am pleased that Perdue has stepped forward to do the right thing."
Author: Chao Quotes Category: Victory Quotes
"an integral component in improving the safety and border security of the nation ... [and] will enhance border security and interior enforcement by providing a workable and enforceable process for hiring temporary workers."
Author: Chao Quotes Category: Safety Quotes

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