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Eleanor Norton Quotes

9 Eleanor Norton quotes:

"The question has been asked, 'What is a woman?' A woman is a person who makes choices. A woman is a dreamer. A woman is a planner. A woman is a maker, and a molder. A woman is a person who makes choices. A woman builds bridges. A woman makes children and makes cars. A woman writes poetry and songs. A woman is a person who makes choices."
Author: Norton Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"perfect voting record on affirmative action when it has come under assault."
Author: Norton Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"The amount and depth of the torture that's been alleged and corroborated leaves no doubt in my mind that what we saw was a staged interrogation,"
Author: Norton Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes
"Men without jobs do not form families."
Author: Norton Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"The first thing people have got to do is to stop believing there's going to be any action anytime soon, ... It's obviously a prime piece of land. It's what's on the land that makes development difficult."
Author: Norton Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"If diversity is what is a central value in every selective university in the United States, then it ought to be seen as a compelling interest by the Supreme Court."
Author: Norton Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"On the road to equality there is no better place for blacks to detour around American values than in forgoing its example in the treatment of its women and the organization of its family life"
Author: Norton Quotes Category: Equality Quotes
"There are not many males, black or white, who wish to get involved with a woman who's committed to her own development"
"When my sisters and I were kids going to DC public schools, school supplies were not the big deal they are today, ... Giving today's children the basic supplies they need is a good way to start them off thinking positively about doing well in school."
Author: Norton Quotes Category: Kids Quotes

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