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11 Dave Taylor quotes:

"We felt this was the appropriate course of action."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"I truly believe that the culture we've generated in the past 50 years positions us for a bright future."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Culture Quotes
"A lot of other places I've worked at are incredibly ego-driven."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Ego Quotes
"This will enable enterprises to quickly integrate Intel-based Macs into their existing environment with minimal impact."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"We assured the fire department that if there's anything they need the city will step forward and help them, ... I have confidence that John Callaghan will be a good chief -- he's experienced and I believe he will serve the city well as acting fire chief."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Fire Quotes
"The Kings are very pleased to make a long-term commitment to Alex. He is a very gifted offensive player who, at just 23 years of age, has already made significant contributions to our organization. He has a lot of great years ahead of him and he loves playing in Los Angeles. Our fans will certainly be very happy to see him in a Kings uniform for not only next year but beyond as well."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Commitment Quotes
"I hear far too often from my community how going to the wrong Web site can be a disaster, The Intuitive Life."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Community Quotes
"Providing [this] support to Mac OS X computers increases the enterprise-readiness level of Macintosh machines and enables IT managers to add one more layer of security against the increasing number of blended threats and attacks."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Computers Quotes
"We are aware of Anze's desire to play at least one more year in Europe this coming season, ... He has a very good development situation in Sodertalje and it is quite probable he will be assigned back to Sweden."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Desire Quotes
"This conference is long overdue. The staggering progress in PC rendering and simulation technology that has been relentlessly driven by the game industry for years is now poised to turn the entire adult entertainment industry on its ear."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Progress Quotes
"You used to need a high school degree to get a decent job, but now that's changed to a (post-secondary) degree or trades ticket. Perhaps we have to change our perspective and funding to meet that new requirement."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: School Quotes

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