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William Dunkelberg Quotes

6 William Dunkelberg quotes:

"While hiring plans have softened since last year, labor markets remain extremely tight."
Author: Dunkelberg Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"Shopping action must have been heavy, as the frequency of reported sales gains jumped way up in November, to the third-highest level in all of '98."
Author: Dunkelberg Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"The 'tone' is terrific but the dollars haven't caught up with the music."
Author: Dunkelberg Quotes Category: Music Quotes
"Main Street optimism has backed down from the mountain top and is resting on a high plateau. The general view is that things have been going well for so long, they're bound to ease back a bit. Small-business owners aren't painting a doom-and-gloom scenario here. They just sense that the red-hot economy will cool by a degree or two."
"to have taken the attack personally, posting widespread reductions in expected real sales gains over the next three months."
Author: Dunkelberg Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"We're going to rein it in. Caution should be the watchword."
Author: Dunkelberg Quotes Category: Caution Quotes

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