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8 Phil Dow quotes:

"Today's action depends on your investment philosophy,"
Author: Dow Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"If you don't believe America is going to grow and recover from this, obviously you should sell, ... My guess is it's going to accelerate our recovery."
Author: Dow Quotes Category: America Quotes
"There is an absolute certainty among investors that whatever news that happens is going to be bad. [The October lows] aren't sacrosanct and could be broken. We have a nation that's pre-occupied with what can go wrong. We'd need a booster shot of good news to move anywhere."
Author: Dow Quotes Category: Certainty Quotes
"Next year people will still be cautious. At the same time I anticipate corporate earnings and economic growth will come in better than expected,"
Author: Dow Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"Anadarko is down relatively dramatically in the recent week, ... For value, we think the best name in the group is Chieftain International."
Author: Dow Quotes Category: Value Quotes
"From a cash flow standpoint and a value standpoint, the stock is quite attractive, ... I think those are all compelling arguments for long-term ownership."
Author: Dow Quotes Category: Value Quotes
"We're...focusing on technology areas,"
Author: Dow Quotes Category: Technology Quotes
"Bit by bit we are seeing the pieces of the economic mosaic come together that could support a sustained stock market rally, at least in the short term ... But in the longer term, there are still significant questions, no doubt about it."
Author: Dow Quotes Category: Support Quotes

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