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Jakob Nielsen Quotes

8 Jakob Nielsen quotes:

"You don't just want to just shoot them off into e-mail land."
Author: Nielsen Quotes Category: Land Quotes
"People are extremely good at screening out things and focusing in on a small number of salient page elements."
Author: Nielsen Quotes Category: People Quotes
"People pay horribly little attention to their intranets, ... People used to think intranets were where all the action is. Right now, it's abandoned territory."
Author: Nielsen Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"It's about time we start using more multimedia to convey information, ... Good multimedia design is similar to film design. The goal is not to be flashy."
Author: Nielsen Quotes Category: Design Quotes
"It's an extra burden on the user, too. People are on the Web not to enjoy your Web design, but to get something done."
Author: Nielsen Quotes Category: Design Quotes
"Before, once it has been aired, it's gone, and it doesn't really contribute to our knowledge space."
Author: Nielsen Quotes Category: Knowledge Quotes
"Investors want to understand what a company does, ... Tech companies seem incapable of explaining their products in layman's terms, preferring to keep it a deep secret what they do."
Author: Nielsen Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"If your users have many questions, it's a failure of your primary site design. It becomes not so much customer support, as much as customer complaints,"
Author: Nielsen Quotes Category: Design Quotes

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