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12 Vince Farrell quotes:

"I like the guys that are located in Bermuda, because they have a tax advantage, ... All three are trading very close to book value, all three are trading between eight and 10 times earnings. I'm early on these, but I think we're going to have significant gains over the next couple of years."
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"Margin calls tend to precipitate a sell-off, and you've got to figure that part of this action today was due to the initial thrust of the margin calls' feeding the selling."
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"I kind of want to shut my eyes and buy these things and...a year or two from now, I`m going to make significant gains regardless of what the market does in the interim,"
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"What bothers me here is that we're dismissing the Southeast Asian crisis, and I don't think it can be dismissed. I think it's going to have an impact that will be deeper and longer lasting on the U.S. economy than we're giving it credit for."
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"You can't guess. The decade of the '80s (for example) was a decade of great wealth creation and it averaged 17 percent a year, ... But if you missed 40 of the best days, your return was around 3 percent."
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"(In the case of) Rowan Drilling, I believe there'll be a turnaround in our need to drill for hydrocarbons and this specializes in Gulf of Mexico,"
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"The market is not going to figure out where it wants to go until you have some conviction about where the Fed wants to go in terms of raising interest rates."
Author: Farrell Quotes Category: Conviction Quotes
"It's starting to feed on itself, which is the anxiety which marks the bottom."
Author: Farrell Quotes Category: Anxiety Quotes
"We always go about [stock-picking using] a value approach,"
Author: Farrell Quotes Category: Value Quotes
"To me [slackening auto sales are] kind of OK because that's going to come and go and you never really can guess that, but I like the sum of the parts,"
Author: Farrell Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"Gee, maybe there's some risk in the equity market and maybe I should put it on the sidelines in cash or into fixed income for a little while."
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"I don't know where the market's going to go but I know that the market's priced for perfection and there are potentially some imperfect things happening, and not just Kosovo."
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