Casey Stengel Quotes

72 Casey Stengel quotes:

"Most games are lost, not won."
"The Yankees don't pay me to win every day, just two out of three."
"They got a lot of kids now whose uniforms are so tight, especially the pants, that they cannot bend over to pick up ground balls. And they don't want to bend over in television games because in that way there is no way their face can get on the camera."
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"You got to get twenty-seven outs to win."
"Being with a woman all night never hurt no professional baseball player. It's staying up all night looking for a woman that does him in."
"You have to have a catcher because if you don't you're likely to have a lot of passed balls."
"Never make predictions, especially about the future."
"Now there's three things that can happen in a ballgame: you can win, you can lose, or it can rain."
"They say some of my stars drink whiskey, but I have found that ones who drink milkshakes don't win many ball games."
"They are very brave men, the way they talk right up. Now if it was me, I would double-talk."
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"But the only things that interrupted our happy family life came out there on the field, injuries and accidents and sickness, as the boys gave it all they had."
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"Left-handers have more enthusiasm for life. They sleep on the wrong side of the bed, and their head gets more stagnant on that side."
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"Most people my age are dead at the present time and you can look it up."
"You can't get into the Hall of Fame unless you limp."
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"I don't like them fellas who drive in two runs and let in three."
"Oldtimers, weekends, and airplane landings are alike. If you can walk away from them, they're successful."
"This is the greatest ball club a man could manage."
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"The Mets have shown me more ways to lose than I even knew existed."
"If you're playing baseball and thinking about managing, you're crazy. You'd be better off thinking about being an owner."
"I was not successful as a ball player, as it was a game of skill."

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