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"At that time, the people that were in the animated film business were mostly guys who were unsuccessful newspaper cartoonists. In other words, their ability to draw living things was practically nil."
"I had some connections from the newspapers that I did work with up there, so there was a newspaper publisher in Hollywood, and they promised me work and so on."
"Drawing is giving a performance; an artist is an actor who is not limited by the body, only by his ability and, perhaps, experience."
"The first professional training I received of any kind was when I was 14 years old and we were in Kansas City, Missouri. I attended the Kansas City Art Institute for one summer."
"This had an awful lot to do with the magic that Walt believed in, ... See, this is magic for good ... this girl suddenly is transformed into the princess."
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"I remember winning my first car race. It was just an amazing feeling and I knew I wanted to keep racing. I wanted to win. I just love the competition and the challenge."
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"His feeling was the name Walt Disney represented all of us. Walt was hanging by his teeth financially and really I think he was for most of his career. Not at all like today."
"It wasn't that you had to do these things, you wanted to do them. You were so proud. Every write-up the studio got, everybody went out and got it."
"Later, my father died up in Marysville. So, my mother and I got in the car and came down to Hollywood."
"What we were in on, really, was the invention of animation."
"What we do here is focus on socio-technical design, ... The fundamental problems can't be solved by technology alone."
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"I love the adrenaline and the speed, and knowing that I'm in control of something that's going so fast. Just the thrill of going 130 miles an hour."
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"We want to enable the billions of media consumers to become producers, ... And clearly, Yahoo is poised as a company to make significant changes in the world of social media."
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"Animation had been done before, but stories were never told."
"Before I got through high school I had attended 22 different schools. In the time before I was well acquainted with the latest school, I would amuse myself by drawing and found that I was pretty good at it."
"Disney had made such a great deal of money on Snow White that the banks gave him the go-ahead on the next three films. But he was heavily dependent on the foreign market."
"My father was something of a rainbow-chaser."
"I think live action was something Walt always wanted to do and it took a long time for people to come around to letting him do that."
"It wasn't a problem for me drawing humans although I had originally come to the studio with the idea that what I had to offer them was my knowledge in the drawing of animals."
"Throughout my career, when I was finished with the drawing for one film I would go up to the story department and help develop sequences. Sometimes these were for scenes that I would animate later on."

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