Jim Collins Quotes

7 Jim Collins quotes:

"They do see us as a threat and actively try to take action and publicity to try and negate our positive effect on the market."
Author: Collins Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"I decided to go through a midlife crisis and instead of buying a Corvette, I signed up for pilot lessons."
Author: Collins Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"Coach has a way of having a relationship with quarterbacks, whether it's good or stormy. The ones who do the best do things the way he wants. The more they do that, the better the relationship."
Author: Collins Quotes Category: Coach Quotes
"In rapid-growth times it's hard to get the right people -- you're more likely to compromise on who you get."
Author: Collins Quotes Category: Compromise Quotes
"It's more or less to tell the public we're getting ready to start the design. If you have an interest in a specific area, we'll see if we can work that into the design."
Author: Collins Quotes Category: Design Quotes
"It's a new concept in design. That's a tremendous idea. I like that everyone shares a back yard, everyone shares a front yard."
Author: Collins Quotes Category: Design Quotes
"Background screening should be an important part of a company's overall talent management strategy. Industry reports consistently show that having the right person in the right job increases a company's bottom line."
Author: Collins Quotes Category: Management Quotes

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