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Jim Foster Quotes

9 Jim Foster quotes:

"There?s marked difference in them. But that?s what experiences are about and accomplishing some tangible goals. I think it all falls into place as that kind of stuff happens. Play it. Think it. They do both."
Author: Foster Quotes Category: Goals Quotes
"It's been an answer to a prayer. It's the sunshine house. It's beautiful outside, but even more beautiful inside because of the people."
Author: Foster Quotes Category: Prayer Quotes
"Absent this action it would be possible for a teacher who resigned in one school district or who was where fired in one school district to go the district next door and get a job there because they still have their certificate to teach."
Author: Foster Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"She's always been an advocate for giving parents more choices within the public school system."
Author: Foster Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"It speaks to her consistency and her growth as a player. Every time you go through a league, people do what they can to make it more difficult the next time you go through. Jess spent the summer adding some dimensions to her game that made that a little harder."
Author: Foster Quotes Category: Consistency Quotes
"They packed it in and took away the inside game, and we had to make outside shots."
Author: Foster Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"I'm bitterly opposed to mountaintop removal, because it takes jobs away from coal miners."
Author: Foster Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"I have the very same feeling. Once they have their components back, they have the talent to be a very good team. But when you lose a player like Banks, it has a profound effect on everybody starting."
Author: Foster Quotes Category: Talent Quotes
"Over the past several months at the board meetings, we're getting an increasing number of citizen complaints. Some were valid, some were not."

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