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Greg Puhalski Quotes

9 Greg Puhalski quotes:

"We had a lot of quality chances. You're generating good chances and you feel good about that. You'd like to score more when you get those chances. That being said, we stayed persistent and good things happened."
Author: Puhalski Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"Our thinking part is really the area (that needs work). The simplistic nature that we need to dictate and play with was lacking. I thought we looked frustrated and we ran ourselves out of position many times and we did a poor job of concentrating."
Author: Puhalski Quotes Category: Nature Quotes
"It's going to be difficult to (make a major trade) because so many teams are jostling for playoff position and they're not going to be willing to part with anything without you giving up a lot."
Author: Puhalski Quotes Category: Trade Quotes
"We have had trouble scoring, but we stayed with the program tonight. We kind of plotted through the game and did not have a high intensity level. But we did what we had to do to win."
Author: Puhalski Quotes Category: Trouble Quotes
"As a coach, (Potvin) was much like he was as a player. He was intense and demanded hard work out of his players. He wanted to win."
Author: Puhalski Quotes Category: Hard Work Quotes
"We got in that habit of being too protective and not wanting to give something up. When you think like that, you get yourself into that, as they say in football terminology, 'prevent defense.' You can play defense as long as you're aggressive. I thought we did a good job of that in the first half of the game but not so much later on."
Author: Puhalski Quotes Category: Habit Quotes
"(St. Pierre) plays with a lot of pride. Everybody has personal goals, and shutouts are something he takes personal. He's had his chances (lately), and he always seems to get a bad break. This is good for him."
Author: Puhalski Quotes Category: Goals Quotes
"I thought it was a good game all around. There was lots of action and both teams played hard. It was a good win. We'll take it and move on."
Author: Puhalski Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"I think things are moving positively and in the right direction. There are things we can sharpen up as far as execution and responsibilities. There are little plays, systematic plays that we have, that it's a matter of focus and concentration as far as the players doing their responsibilities. That's effort, hard work and persistence, and a lot of it is execution as well."
Author: Puhalski Quotes Category: Direction Quotes

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