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Steve Moore Quotes

7 Steve Moore quotes:

"It was like a living funeral. We tried to put it aside but we could never just put it behind us."
Author: Moore Quotes Category: Living Quotes
"From a safety issue, if someone gets hit by a car and we're allowing this, it seems like it would be a liability,"
Author: Moore Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"We had no answer for her inside. We've had trouble with bigger players all year. We just don't have the size to play with them. We did a better job of denying her the ball in the second half."
Author: Moore Quotes Category: Trouble Quotes
"It was one of the very best college basketball games anyone could be a part of. No doubt in my mind, maybe the best I've ever been associated with."
Author: Moore Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"In the normal course of action, once someone becomes aware of it and they understand that you have a registered trademark, normally they cease. In this case they have chosen not to, but we are still hopeful that they will, quite frankly."
Author: Moore Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"It kind of sounds trite, but it's not. He's truly a living, working legend. He and his wife [Gloria] have contributed so much to that genre of music."
Author: Moore Quotes Category: Living Quotes
"every woman?s nightmare, and for the victim to survive this attack is a true credit to her strength."
Author: Moore Quotes Category: Strength Quotes

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