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"[Bush's action Monday] makes a lot of sense. He now knows with near certainty that Roberts is a survivor, who has been vetted by the press and the legal establishment, ... No skeletons have been found, nothing that could possibly derail his confirmation despite some opposition from progressive groups."
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"The rules dealing with gifts don't apply to Justice Thomas because the rules only apply to lower court judges. People give gifts to judges and justices because they have power. And they have power because of their position that they hold in trust. And to suggest that it doesn't matter, no one will care, seems to me to be whistling in the dark."
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"The lawyer can reveal anything he is not forbidden to reveal. There are rules governing what a lawyer can say publicly about a litigation proceeding and those are meant to balance the interest in public discussion and the interest in an untainted trial."
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"The justice is a law into himself or herself on that issue."
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