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"The Pentagon is looking into them. To the extent that kind of behavior is inconsistent with our policy, it will be stopped."
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"Action would have to be taken, ... Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer."
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"The relationship with China is extremely complex. We have areas of very positive cooperation with China."
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"There are more serious leaders who are outstanding and not in custody than the three you described and I am sure that a number of those will not be part of the reconciliation process but again that is a decision that the Afghan government has the lead on,"
"The purpose of the summit is for the democratically elected leaders to get together and reaffirm the fact that there is really a shared vision for the hemisphere that is based on democracy and free markets and free trade."
"We all looked at the same intelligence, and most people -- on the intelligence -- reached the same conclusion."
"roughly the same intelligence that the Clinton administration saw."
"It's also an opportunity to pay tribute to the people of the Slovak Republic, and also other countries in the region, for the right choices they made in pursuing democracy and freedom."
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"We are winning that ideological struggle."
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"We think we're going to make progress on three of them."
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"One cannot let dangers grow to the point of imminent threat to the United States without taking action. And if other measures fail, obviously we retain to right to use force."
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"There's an issue of finalizing the relevant agreement and then signing it. The framework basically allows access to facilities so as to facilitate cooperation between the forces of the United States and Romania,"
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"in a way that is consistent with our values and principles."
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"What this means is that India, which has had a good record in safeguarding technology, but has largely stood out — from outside the global nonproliferation arrangements, is moving inside those arrangements. It is adopting practices and procedures, export controls and other safeguards that are much more in line with the international community's efforts to police proliferation and avoid proliferation."
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"There are questions raised in the Congress, and what this delay allows is for those questions to be addressed on the Hill. There's nothing to reopen."
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"What the Congress and the companies are able to work out, we'll support and cooperate with so long as it does not involve a summary decision by the Congress that blocks this transaction."
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"The president believes that we must remember the clearest lesson of Sept. 11: that the United States of America must confront threats before they fully materialize."
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"an issue of our intelligence, and obviously we need to do a better job of our intelligence."
"Our relationships are in good shape. This is not a trip where the president has to come with a deliverable or an initiative."
"But this is not a risk-free undertaking."
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